Ancient Egypt Discovery Kit


A complete hands-on kit with science, art, math, cultural, language, and worldview activities. Includes our exclusive Bible Truths memory cards and reproducible notebook pages.

Does hands-on history cause you heartache? How many times have you purchased a wonderful-looking history curriculum or activity guide, only to find yourself defeated by supplies that were expensive, hard-to-find, or just plain burdensome? Let Hands and Hearts History Discovery Kits do the hard work. Each kit combines interesting, significant hands-on art, language, math, science, and cultural projects with our exclusive Bible Truths Memory Cards and ready-to-use notebook pages. Best of all, absolutely everything* you need to do the projects is right in the box!

With our Ancient Egypt Discovery Kit, your child will:

Make Egyptian toys

A wooden paddle doll: Your child will make a lovely hand-cut birch doll. Your child will design a face and clothing and paint them with the included acrylic paints, then hand-string bright beaded hair for the doll.

A snake-head throwing stick: This one is tons of fun - your child will design and paint a snake-shaped wooden stick and go on an Egyptian "hunt" with it.

A senet board game: This was the favorite board game in ancient Egypt. Senet boards were even found in King Tut's tomb. This game is easy to make, easy to learn, and very fun for the whole family to play.

Create a real mummy (Pharaoh Fruitenkhamen)

Mummify him! Your child will actually make a mummy from an apple, an orange, and other kit components. Just like a real Egyptian, he will remove the mummy's organs (orange pulp and seeds!), wash it, cover it in sweet spices, and mummify it in natron that he made himself.

Wrap him! Your child will do a simulated linen and resin wrap.

Build a coffin to keep him in! - Your child will design and create an authentic cartonnage boxiform coffin. These are beautiful.

Your Children Will Also...

Paint pictures like the Egyptians did - with paint you make yourself. Your child will make "colored stones," then crush them to make his own paints for an Egyptian painting.

Memorize Bible verses and principles with our exclusive Bible Truths Cards. Your child will learn the truth from God's Word as it relates to the Egyptian culture, beliefs, and worldview.

Set up an Egytpian marketplace Your child can barter with friends or family using the enclosed bag of toys.

Do math like an Egyptian. Your child will be thrilled at how quickly he will learn to do even advanced arithmetic with Egyptian numerals. This is actually much easier than doing traditional math!

Create lovely notebook pages with our exclusive notebook pages. You can print as many notebook pages as you want right from the included CD.  We even include a list of notebook projects and ideas to get you started.

This is a top-of-the-line kit containing absolutely everything you need to complete all of the projects with the exception of an apple, an orange, and a small amount of rubbing alcohol. (It is illegal for us to ship alcohol.) Art supplies are high-quality, full-size products. The instruction manual is comprehensive and easy-to-use, with photo illustrations.

Want a printed instruction manual instead? If you don't have access to a computer or printer and want a printed copy of the instruction manual and all the reproducibles you can purchase them by clicking here.

Participating in a co-op this year, or would you like to use our kits in your school?  If you are teaching a class with 8 or more students, we have special pricing for large groups and will be happy to work with you so that history can come alive for all of your students.  Please call us at (864)992-5640 between 8am and 5pm on any weekday and we will be happy to discuss the details with you as well as answer any questions you might have.

*with the rare exception of non-shippable items such as fresh fruit or alcohol. All exceptions are noted in product description.

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