US Facts & Fun (Grades 1-3)


You are going to LOVE this book! But don't take our word for it - click here to flip through the entire book page-by-page on your computer!

I knew this book was going to be a hit when one of my sons swiped my review copy and begged to keep it.  That doesn't happen too often around here, and when it does, I take notice.  (His older sister actually did the same thing with the Grades 4- 6 version!)  This is a large, fully reproducible book packed with really truly fun and educational activities based on U.S. history.  The book is organized around 44 short stories that each brings an American symbol, person or historical event to life.  Every story is followed by a wide variety of activities including puzzles, mazes, secret codes, games, maps, and much more. 

In my experience, books like this tend to be fun OR educational, but seldom both.  U.S. Facts and Fun is one of the rare books that will provide true learning that is highly enjoyable.  While this is by no means a U.S. history overview or curriculum, it will expose your child to a lot of interesting fact and trivia.  My son learned a lot of things that I had never even thought to teach him!

If you are studying U.S. history, you can easily assign a story or two per week along with their corresponding activity pages.  I am quite sure you won't get any complaints!  I think this book is most valuable for homeschoolers who are studying the ancients first but want their children to learn a bit more about their own country.  If you are on an "ancients first" track, you may want to set aside a little time each week to do a story or two and their activities.  To be honest, this book was so fun for my son that he chose to work on it in his free time.  He even slept with it!  It is great for rainy days, holidays, sick days, travel, and more; and is enjoyable enough that it would make a nice gift for a child who enjoys this sort of thing.

NOTE: This book is fully reproducible.  My son enjoyed working right in the book, but you could buy one copy for your entire family to share if you prefer.


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