Why Hands-on History?


   Have you heard the news?  With Hands and Hearts History Discovery Kits, homeschooling can be more exciting than ever before!  Let us help ignite a passion for learning in your home!

History was exciting – learning about it shouldn’t be boring.

Our EXCLUSIVE Hands and Hearts History Kits bring history to life.  These kits (available for Ancient Egypt, Ancient Far East, Ancient Greece and Rome, Middle Ages, Early America, and Westward Expansion) contain absolutely everything you need for 10-15 hands-on living history projects.  Your child can build a catapult, make a mummy, pan for gold, dip beeswax candles, restore a 2,000 year old coin, make felt from wool, string a buffalo tooth necklace, do math like an Egyptian, decode secret messages with the Jefferson cipher, paint an amphora, create a mosaic, build and use an abacus, and SO MUCH MORE!

Why Hands-On History?

Too often, history becomes the dry stuff of lifeless textbooks.  With our Hands and Hearts History Kits, your children will experience history instead of just reading about it.

These are NOT fluffy, time-wasting crafts – they are meaningful, historically accurate projects.  We won’t waste your time OR your child’s time.

Your child will do and learn what he would have done had he lived in that time period, and that experience will stick with him for life!

What’s in the box?

Simply put, we include everything you need to bring a time period to life!

We include ALL of the supplies you will need – no more searching for odd bits and pieces or last-minute trips to the store.

We also include printable notebooking pages, notebooking suggestions, printable maps and geography lessons, copywork for a variety of ages, and our exclusive Bible Truths Memory Cards to help you shine the light of God’s Word on dark civilizations.

Will MY children like your kits?

We are sure they will!  Each and every project has been extensively tested on boys AND girls from kindergarten through high school.  If our testers didn’t love a project, we didn’t include it!  These projects also work beautifully or struggling or reluctant workers and special needs.

Will I like your kits?

Absolutely!  We inlcude everything you need, the instructions are clearly written to the child, and the projects WORK.  We deliver hands-on homeschooling without a hassle!

Our Hands and Hearts History kits are amazing, but we don’t stop there –

we offer hundreds of other wonderful products like these:

  History Pockets

These wonderful books from Evan-Moore are jam-packed with interesting and exciting reproducible projects.  These are not run-of the mill workbooks – your child will enjoy making timelines, mini-books, pop-ups, paper dolls, dioramas, lift-the flap pages, and other 3-D paper projects.  HIGHLY reccomended to go along with our Hands and Hearts History Discovery Kits!

Maximize your learning time with the Jonathan Park series!  These fascinating audio dramas from Vision Forum teach creation science in the framework of thrilling, edge-of-your-seat drama.  We turn down time into learning time by listening to these over lunch and in the car.

  Excellent educational toys like our Toobs encourage creative play and out-of-the-box learning experiences.  Our Toobs are packed with beautifully detailed figures that will inspire your children to act out and play scenarios that relate to their studies.  They are great tools for narration, storytelling, scene-building, or just plain fun!

Don’t forget the little ones!  We have a great selection of early learning tools like Lauri puzzles and Activity Packs, read-aloud books, activity books, and more.  Many of our handiwork projects and kits are also suitable for younger children.


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