Kit of the Month!

Enrich your studies of American history with our Westward Expansion Discovery Kits.  While early American history resources for the westward expansion and gold rush aren’t terribly difficult to find, obtaining solid, engaging, and biblical resources are another matter altogether!  The Hands and Hearts Westward Expansion History Discovery Kit includes projects like panning for gold (real gold included!), making a buffalo tooth necklace with a real buffalo tooth, making and working in a hand-stitched copybook with a feather quill, learning to play the Native American game of pokean, sewing up a real leather pouch to store the glass marbles and hand-carved buffalo horn whistle included in the kit, learning to break Jefferson’s code, and much more!

The kit includes an instruction manual that is written to the student to encourage independent work.  There is background information given for each project to help your young learners understand what they are making and why they are doing it.  We also include reproducible notebooking pages and suggestions for using them, and we tie it all together with our exclusive Bible Truths Cards which combine Bible memory work with catechism questions from the New England Primer.

For June ONLY, you can get our Westward Expansion Discovery Kit and both Westward Additional Student Kit and the Westward Additional Student Kit with Gold for 20% off the retail price!

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